Experiencing Halong Bay Seaplane Tours 2021 at a competitive price is one of the best things to do this year. If you have experienced cruising trips around the UNESCO Bay but not fully be enchanted as in movies, the aerial journey on a seaplane can fulfill it. The airplane offers a panoramic view of the […]

There are ways to get to Halong, and if you arrive there by a cruise trip, keep the entertainment on by opting for Halong Bay Day Tours. The free feeling as a sailor can convince many vacationers to begin their own voyage on a yacht or a junk. Or, if you want the scenic flying […]

Doing new and fantastic things can bring romance and excitement to all holidaymakers who are now recommended to try new trend Hanoi day trips 2020. While Hanoi City itself is attractive enough with historical and cultural attractions to explore, the days trip from Hanoi to other nearby destinations bring the new winds to the tourism […]

Tuan Chau Island owns the captivating natural scenery and exciting activities in the entertainment center that attract tourists on an annual basis. Any travel to Halong City gets recommendations to have fun and relax at Tuan Chau in which the tourism-and-recreation complex has been built amid the spectacular seascape. Along with that, the island mostly […]

In the coming time, Hai Au Aviation is happy to serve the daily seaplane tour between Da Nang and Hue Vietnam, beginning on April 25th, 2019. It is an absolutely scenic inter-city flight lasting around 40 minutes, with an extra aerial sightseeing tour over the beautiful sites, which is a wonderful alternative to the 2-hour […]

Aiming to extend the stunning aerial transfer, Hue Seaplane Tour is opened with the daily seaplane scenic flight between Hue and Da Nang Vietnam which will be in service on April 25th, 2019. This new transfer is definitely spectacular and comfortable that promises the happy 40-minute inter-city flight to replace the 2-hour drive. It will also cover […]

Getting to Halong Bay has been a point in the bucket list of many travelers who find it exciting to either get a bus ride through the 180km Hanoi to Halong Bay distance by land or take a bird’s-eye seaplane flight. While it takes 2-hour drive on the new Hanoi – Halong Expressway, the travel […]

With the fabulous beauty of Nature and many eco-highlights, Halong Bay is perfect for cruising by the traditional junks and cruises, but the pleasure is much more via the Halong Bay seaplane and yacht tours. This upscale combination opens the awesome opportunities for the one-day Halong Bay package, of which you take a scenic seaplane […]

What are Beaches in Quang Ninh Province Vietnam to stay on coming summer vacation? The number of domestic and overseas tourists to Quang Ninh province has drastically increased, showing the promising and stable growth of Quang Ninh Tourism. With the infrastructure improvement and service upgrade, the province even aims to be a leading tourist destination […]