As the biggest city in the southern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City offers the great time of holiday in the bustling atmosphere. So long as you want to stay away from stress and step into the world of liveliness, visiting Saigon is one of the top choices. The cityscape here will amaze you with the huge number of motorbikes, citizens, and buildings in every corner. At present, it is extremely convenient to travel from Ho Chi Minh to Ho Tram via the luxurious stay on the ritzy seaplane. Beside the awesome sightseeing experience, also expect to have the wholesome rest throughout the flying time! Want to be served as the prestige character? It’s your turn to opt for the Private Seaplane to record the everlasting memory with lots of unique photos and videos!

Charter Scenic Seaplane Tour from Ho Chi Minh to Ho Tram

For the ideal combination of sightseeing and resting, the modern seaplane is the excellent means of transport to contemplate the enchantment of cityscape and seascape smoothly. The uninterrupted view boosts your vacation to the notch of comfort and luxury. While flying over Ho Chi Minh City, examine its essentials that are featured with numerous structures of commerce and zones of industry! Besides, the population density here will please your eyes in the very authentic way. It’s worth pointing out that Saigon is the sleepless city that enables humankinds to eliminate the lonely status. Feel free to build rapport with other passengers who are all friendly enough to ignite the spark of interest throughout the scenic seaplane tour via the unique stories and perspectives!

With the superior fitness and satisfaction, the travelers are easily encouraged to visit Ho Tram as the little birds. As the small beach town situated in Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, Vietnam, Ho Tram attracts every vacationer that shares the endless interest in the breathtaking seascape. Located around 125km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Tram is accessible smoothly on the Seaplane. Its pristine and primitive beauty is worth praising from the top view. As one of the major resort destinations in Vung Tau, the beach town has been modernized together with its sister beach destination: Ho Coc. Offering the coolest beach promoted with the pure sea water and vast sandy coast, the town stands out as the perfect week-end destination for the wealthy residents of Ho Chi Minh City.

Meanwhile, the international tourists are also welcomed to set foot on Ho Coc for the great sense of relaxation. Remarkably, the forest here naturally houses many beautiful birds and monkeys that are waiting for you to explore from the vertical dimension. In the proud sense, Ho Tram Beach is voted as the number 3 of the top 5 places to visit around Ho Chi Minh City by Lonely Planet Guide.

The Non-schedule type of Seaplane from Ho Chi Minh to Ho Tram is today advertised with the sum of $4250 ($2500 of Charter Grs Fare and $1750 of Ferry). Order the scenic seaplane package to value the holiday time right away!