With the smooth flying route, traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao has attracted the countless number of vacationers that together shares the strong interest in the fantastic cityscape and breathtaking seascape. Touring is the very best choice for all to stay cleared of stress but not everybody gets chances to make a tour of lifetime. Hence, if having days off, appreciate them and value them to the notch of bliss via the Charter Seaplane from Ho Chi Minh to Con Dao and Six Senses Con Dao as well.

Charter Seaplane for Easy Flight Ho Chi Minh – Con Dao

Remarkably, the pictures of Ho Chi Minh City are depicted with many commercial high buildings and industrial zones. From the birds’ views, the scenes of the cityscape become wonderful over millions of vehicles and population density. When flying to every angle of the City, you will be amazed at the bustling atmosphere that seems to be sleepless and turbulent. Everybody agrees that the charm of Saigon is undying with the proud history that calls for their interest in the long run. In the exclusive demeanor, the modern Seaplane brings you closer to the actual loveliness of Ho Chi Minh City due to the self’s itineraries. Privately charter the Seaplane and get departed to step into the new world of comfort as well as luxury.

Along the route to Con Dao (about 230km from Ho Chi Minh City), expect to contemplate many mountainous islands, islets, and traditionally fishing villages. Since this tourist destination is primitive and untamed by humans’ influences, a popular interest in it still persists and withstands the test of time. More and more people love touring to Con Dao and staying in the Six Sense Resort so that their free moments are boosted to the summit of self-indulgence.

Together with the natural enchantment, Con Dao is also famous for its proud history with the prisons built by the French colonial government. Meanwhile, Con Dao National Park is the superb place to visit that aid you in mingling with the wildlife and endangered species as well. The eco-system promoted in the Park helps everybody to manifest their holiday in the healthy way. Thanks to the presence of Con Dao, Vietnam can balance the national development with the great conservation. Since the Con Dao people are kindly genuine and friendly, they all welcome you to enjoy the private Flights at any time you are free. The Seaplane route from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao is mostly smooth and restful for the lifelong memory.

Six Senses Con Dao is one of the world’s leading eco lodges rated by National Geographic Traveler. Compliment the Resort on the ritzy amenities, special events, caring services, and cultural celebrations. The stay at the 5-star Resort helps to regain the lost energy and revive the inner hope for the lifetime vacation. Enjoy the customized seaplane tour with Charter Grs Fare of $4500 plus $3150 Ferry for the sum $7650! Conveniently become filled with both sightseeing and resting joy!