Paradise Elegance is an outstanding member of Luxury Cruise community in Halong Bay, which is worth being partnered with the scenic Seaplane Tour. The cruise itself is so elegant, classical, and upscale that strengthen your love in the “Bay of Descending Dragon.” With the spectacular sailing and sightseeing flight, your journey becomes perfect.

Paradise Elegance and Seaplane in Halong Bay

Aiming to redefine luxury cruising in Halong Bay, Paradise Elegance looks very stylish, graceful, and impressive. The cruise is a fantastic mode of transport to sail around the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the meticulously created steel boat featured with the grandiose architecture and premium interior, stimulating the passengers to discover the natural beauty, culture, and fairytales. The ship design stresses on the sense of elegance and contemporary beauty to result in the imposing work of art. The materials used are metal and wood while its white look makes the ship outstanding from the emerald seascape.

Paradise Elegance Halong Cruise - Sundeck

Paradise Elegance Halong Cruise – Sundeck

You find the deluxe cabins, large balconies, inspiring sundeck, Paradise Spa, Le Piano Bar with the live music band, etc., which to serve you during the stay onboard. The cabins are well-equipped with full facilities and amenities that guarantee your satisfaction and high scores. Almost every angle of Paradise Elegance looks nice, distinct, and lovely enough to ignite the spark of joy in you. The professional crew and exciting onboard activities and services are the big strengths of this ship. The journey of distinction toward Tuan Chau Island, Sung Sot Cave, Coconut Tree Island, Ti Top Island, etc., makes you the happy protagonists who are exploring the fairyland. With Paradise Elegance, think if you would love packages of 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights, or else so that your stay amidst the majestic seascape can turn to be the sweetest and most pleasant trip of the lifetime. Also, use your time to savor the interesting activities like Tai Chi, swimming, kayaking, night squid fishing, massage, cocktails, music, etc.

Paradise Elegance Halong Cruise - Executive Balcony Cabin

Paradise Elegance Halong Cruise – Executive Balcony Cabin

Prior to embarking Paradise Elegance, if budget says YES, enjoy the scenic Halong Seaplane Tour in 25 minutes – the wonderful way to cherish the bird-eye view of the Bay. The intimate, memorable, and relaxing moments on both seaplane and ship get your eyebrows raised highly throughout the travel to the heritage land. Then, you understand why groups of people choose to go vacationing at this well-known Bay.  While you are flying over the heritage site, the natural gifts of pristine islands, karst pillars, jade water, and mythical caves make up the mesmerizing spectacle to feast the eyes. Sometimes, you even feel that this is the existing paradise on earth, and paradise might be real.

Super Time in Halong Bay with Seaplane and Paradise Elegance

Flying and sailing around Halong Bay will never fail to amaze the nature lovers who have the big passion for the Natural World Heritage. From the top of the view in 25 minutes, the fairy spectacle is present to you fully and beautifully so that you will conclude that the Halong Sightseeing Seaplane is worth every dollar. Be ready for the graceful voyage on the white Paradise Elegance – one of the best shelters to approach the real beauty of Halong. The hospitality services of restaurant, bar, massage, music, etc., exhilarate you all.

Paradise Elegance Halong Cruise - Restaurant

Paradise Elegance Halong Cruise – Restaurant

Cruising in graceful style with Paradise Elegance, the latest ship in Paradise fleet, is as fantastic as you’ve ever wished for the successful voyage while the seaplane flight delivers the panoramic, bird-eye view. The cooperation between seaplane and Paradise Elegance boosts your Halong Bay travel to perfection and luxury. See for yourself how this miraculous Bay can bewitch you!

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