Halong Bay is the majestic masterpiece of Nature Creator, the ideal paradise for the happiest sightseeing and cruising tours ever. As summer is about to come, a great offer of Halong Bay Cruise Summer Promotion 2015 is underway! So, if you wish to boost your summer time with joy and happiness, go see this UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site seems to be the best choice!

Halong Cruise Tours have long been famous for their superior luxury and comfort as the year-round exploration. Halong Cruises are all well-equipped with the modern amenities and universal services which ensure that passengers perceive the most satisfactory cruising experiences ever. Nowadays, more and more people agree that if you have not visited Halong Bay, it means you’ve not ever been Vietnam. Therefore, a great number of guests follow the route to land in this tourist destination day after day. And now, your summer 2015 is best fulfilled with a day-and-night stay onboard stay on the preferred luxurious cruises. Meanwhile, you can avoid the scorching heat by trying a wide range of activities like swimming, kayaking, and diving. More especially, summer time offers the best chance that vacationers of all kinds can witness natural beauty of caves and grottoes and enjoy the real bed of roses in the most economical way.

Easily invest your summer in Halong Bay and know that this exciting summer promotion lasts from May 1st, 2015 to September 30th, 2015. This is the great time frame when various renowned cruises like Paradise Luxury Cruise, Indochina Sails, Bhaya Classic Cruise, Ginger Cruise, Jasmine Cruise, and Vspirit operate the fantastic discount programs of 10%-15%. The aim is of course to motivate more and more passengers to choose their Cruises as a top means of transport for a complete Halong exploration. These cruises are all excited to run a Super Special Summer Promotion, which better up your Halong discovery at the lowest rates, until the end of September. Particularly, the Paradise Cruise has an exclusive policy of early bird discount up to 25%. As the early bird catches the worms, you’d better come early to save your hard-won cash. The only requirement to perceive this inspirational discount is that you have to make payment of 45 days prior to the departure date, non-amendable and non-refundable.

At present, an excellent blend of Halong Cruise and Seaplane makes the Bay more perfect than ever, with superb convenience and new experience of sightseeing via the birds’ eyes. Halong Bay Seaplane Tours are definitely luxurious and convenient enough to please your eyes and touch your souls. Your summer 2015 to this natural wonder in both seaplane and cruises is elevated with engaging discount. While flying around the bay and its essentials, travelers are able to stay clear of stress and refresh their mind at best. Your stay on the suggested cruises is discounted economically during this summer time. An experience in seaplane also saves you much time. The matter of both time and money has been solved well with this awesome package. Be nimble-footed to book a Halong Seaplane and Cruise Tour, comfortably check in, and then extend your eyes into the crystalline seawater, picturesque seascape, fresh air, and blue sky.

Halong Bay Cruises Promotion Rates 2016 has been updated, click this link to get further details !