Halong Bay Cruise Summer Promotion 2018 opens better chances to see Halong Bay, a treasure in Vietnam which is on a par with almost every natural heritage in the world. If promotions of previous years did satisfy you and call you to this UNESCO Bay, then the program of 2018 is better and moves beyond expectation. The perfect packages of cruise and seaplane have been designed and sold at promotional prices for everybody to fly over and sail in this paradisiac destination. The bird-eye flight and relaxing voyage included in Halong Bay Cruise Promotion 2018 are what you need to unwind.

Attractive Halong Bay Deals with Promotion from May 1st to September 30th, 2018

Entrusting Halong Bay with Indochina travel plans, many travelers feel happy when getting news about the summer promotion 2018. Particularly from May 1st to September 30th, 2018, prices for the Halong Bay cruise deals are lower than in other periods, but the quality remains as best as it is. Some of you hear the reputation of “Bay of the Descending Dragon,” which win the international records of UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of 7 New Wonders of Nature in the World.

The top list includes Ti Top Island, Tuan Chau Island, Ngoc Vung Island, Surprising Cave, Thien Duong Cave, Dau Go Cave, and more. In overall, the destination is fairylike, with thousands of the limestone islets, the emerald seawater, mystic grottoes storing the historical stalagmites and stalactites. As you might remember, Halong Bay was filmed in Kong: Skull Island (2017), a Hollywood monster film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. At that time, the Bay reached its highest notch of reputation.

Be nimble-footed to get to Halong Bay when it is offering discounts for excellent packages of cruise and seaplane, from May to September! As the Bay is so famous that many individuals put it on their bucket lists, expect to see other travelers of various nationalities when you’re sailing in this destination. Everybody finds it exciting to swim, enjoy kayaking, scuba diving, and squid fishing at night during the happy voyage. And before this, the scenic seaplane flight is very enjoyable, with boundless opportunities for sightseeing and photography. With the promotional Halong Bay package deals 2018, you pay less but get more while using both Luxury Cruises and Seaplane.

2-Day Best Halong Tour with Jasmine and One-way Seaplane Experience: from USD 660

Jasmine Cruise in Halong Bay

Jasmine Cruise in Halong Bay

Many tourists have been visiting Halong Bay and sharing their marvelous pictures. And, this is your turn to get there, especially when it’s the promotional period. When Jasmine Cruise is combined with the one-way Vietnam Seaplane, the package guarantees your comfort, time, and experience so that you stay happy during the 2-day vacation. Jasmine Cruise has long been recognized for luxury and professional services like the “5-star floating hotel.” You can expect to play as the prestigious guests when staying onboard and using various upscale services. Some notable highlights of Jasmine are the spacious and well-equipped cabins, gorgeous lounge, sufficient dining rooms, and panoramic balcony. This is also one of the biggest and most luxurious cruises in Halong Bay.

The price of USD 660 brings the value-for-money experiences in the fast one-way seaplane transfer from Hanoi (including 45-minute flight and 15-minute scenic tour over the majestic Bay), and the 2-day accommodation on the board of Jasmine. The bird-eye seaplane flight and luxurious Jasmine voyage are on top of what to do in this celebrated Bay, and you would surely feel pleased that you did it.

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2-Day Paradise Luxury and 2-way Seaplane: from USD 905

Paradise Luxury Cruise in Halong Bay

Paradise Luxury Cruise in Halong Bay

The attractive Halong Bay deals 2018 is also ready in Paradise Luxury Cruise including 2-day onboard accommodation and 2-way seaplane transfer at USD 905. Summer doesn’t mean the scorching heat anymore, but exciting vacation on the splendid Paradise Luxury which takes you to the top highlights of Cua Van Floating Village, Trong Cave, Luon Cave, Ti Top Island, Sung Sot Cave, etc. Another special thing is the royal-style dinner, of which you dress a traditional Bao Dai dress to dine like a king or a queen. This time is amazing as you’re feeling kinglike or queen-like on the board. This Vietnamese traditional yacht-style cruise serves guests with the polished amenities, spa room, spectacular balcony, great royal dining room, etc. After the exciting one-hour seaplane flight, you embark on this fabulous and ritzy cruise to begin the matchless voyage toward the top essentials of the UNESCO Bay.

The Paradise Luxury and Seaplane packages of USD 905 make dreams about the paradisiac flight and voyage true, which you feel hard to forget till the old age. This is an existing paradise with the blue sky, emerald water, and peaceful, enthralling scenery. This is one of the best deals that you come across, so catch the opportunities to book and reserve a seat!

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2-Day LaFairy Cruise and 2-way Seaplane: From USD 780

La Fairy Cruise in Halong Bay

La Fairy Cruise in Halong Bay

Joined the appealing discount season is LaFairy Cruise which sells the 2-day cruise accommodation and 2-way seaplane tickets at USD 780. This Halong Bay tour promotion opens more opportunities for guests to visit the well-known destination in this summer and enjoy the upscale relaxation in the splendid cabins. When the budget matters are made easier, the call to visit the Bay of the Descending Dragon becomes more and more convincing that people will make their dreams to see Halong true. When the 2-way seaplane transfer is confirmed, it’s absolutely inspiring to ease in the majestic destination, with dreamlike spectacle, off-the-beaten-track itineraries, and comfortable cabins.

Pay USD 780 to get the distinctive seaplane flight and enjoyable stay on the expensive LaFairy Cruise, you must be proud of your decision. The experiences might be more wonderful than you ever think or imagine. As summer is coming, just get the Halong Bay cruise promotion; there is no reason to feel hesitant anymore. It’s time to pack and go to the marvelous Halong and discover Me Cung Cave, Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Vieng Fishing Village, etc.

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2-Day Emperor Cruise and 2-way Seaplane: from USD 1068

Emperor Cruise in Halong Bay (Royal Suite)

Emperor Cruise in Halong Bay (Royal Suite)

Also included in the Halong Bay Cruise Promotion 2018 is the sumptuous Emperor Cruise that offers the packages of 2-day onboard accommodation and 2-way seaplane flight at USD 1068. This top package showers you with amazing time to view the fabulous Bay from the bird-eye flight and then the sumptuous stay on the 5-star big Cruise. It must be the joyful voyage toward the pristine Bai Tu Long Bay, poetic Vung Vieng Fishing Village, and enigmatic Thien Son Canh Cave (Grass Cave). Each site you past provides the impeccable background for sightseeing, exploring, and photographing.

The Emperor Cruises and Seaplane packages of USD 1068 give you another fascinating option to discover the natural heritage site to see for yourself why the whole world admires it. While comfort is topmost in the Emperor Cruises, its facilities and amenities are of the leading quality. And now, with summer promotion, you get the deals which cannot be better.

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Traveler communities out there have been getting to Halong Bay, and summer seems to be the best time with the best deals ever. Check Halong Bay Cruise Summer Promotion 2018 , book your preferred package and wait for the exhilarating time. Before the luxurious overnight Cruises of Jasmine, Paradise Luxury, LaFairy, and Emperor Cruises, the bird-eye seaplane flight is fast, convenient, and cheerful. Celebrate summer in Halong Bay by contacting seaplanes@vietnamtravels.com and getting the latest information about Halong Bay Cruise and Seaplane Ticket Booking Promotions 2018!