Experiencing Halong Bay Seaplane Tours 2021 at a competitive price is one of the best things to do this year. If you have experienced cruising trips around the UNESCO Bay but not fully be enchanted as in movies, the aerial journey on a seaplane can fulfill it. The airplane offers a panoramic view of the splendid islets, floating villages, green-covered limestone towers, and more. It is the bird’s-eye sightseeing that establishes the once-in-a-lifetime aerial adventure. Also, the feeling when the seaplane takes off and lands on the water is wonderful while the privacy and luxury during the flight are top-notch.

Halong Bay Seaplane Scenic Flight with Promotion

This year, vacationers can enjoy a 25-minute Halong Bay Seaplane Tour 2021 at the promoted prices, only VND1.500.000, as announced by the ICT ticket agent. The special promotion program will last until the end of April 2021. The journey will depart at Tuan Chau for a scenic flight of 25 minutes above the legendary highlights. Note that this campaign is valid for Vietnamese passport holders and foreigners who reside or work in Vietnam. The sightseeing flight from Tuan Chau, above Halong Bay, would be perfect for anybody that beholds the majestic beauty of the destination as displayed in Kong: Skull Island film.

Halong Bay Seaplane Scenic Flight

Halong Bay Seaplane Scenic Flight

Seaplane Flight to Halong Bay from Hanoi – 2021 Wait to Reopen!

At this moment January 2021, seaplane flights to Halong Bay from Hanoi are still closed due to Covid-19 epidemic. The Hai Au Aviation expects to reopen the daily flights to Halong Bay upon inbound tourism turns to the normal.

Within 60 minutes, including a 45-minute transfer and 15-minute scenic flight above the UNESCO-listed Bay, the Hanoi – Halong Bay seaplane is a scenic channel for distinctive travel. Instead of the long drive, you can reach the destination via a seaplane, which is quick, convenient, modern, and luxurious. Served by Hai Au Aviation since 2014, this sightseeing route on Cessna Grand Caravan 208B – EX amphibian airplanes keep pleasing the domestic and international passengers. They all appreciate the comfortable transfer and the extra credit of the amazing bird’s-eye sightseeing above and close to the natural highlights beneath. The water take-off and landing of the amphibian airplanes could excite the guests who are likely to laugh a lot.

Prior to an aerial adventure, you need to check in the seaplane to Halong from Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi). Just like other commercial airlines, Hai Au Aviation sells seaplane tickets to Halong at a check-in counter at the airport. It is always best to book a ticket in advance by contacting the agent and choosing your package. Once your booking is complete, you can rest assured that the flight will turn to be the beautiful experience of a lifetime. From Noi Bai, the transfer flight will take 45 minutes to reach Halong. And, the next 15 minutes will be invested in fully beholding the panoramic Bay, taking pictures and videos, and cherishing your free time. After that, it will land at Tuan Chau Marina, in which you can embark on the booked cruises or Viet Yacht. The scheduled flight Hanoi – Halong has a capacity of 12 passengers. Of course, the round-trip ticket is always encouraged.

The aerial route is not just a transfer flight but a scenic sightseeing journey of distinction. The view from the top dimension is impeccable and awesome. On the 12-seat Cessna Caravan, holidaymakers will be pleased with the nice seat, panoramic window, picturesque vista, and exciting water take-off/landing. Sometimes, the maneuverable seaplane lets you get close to the imposing islets for a close-up view, which is fascinating. Some of you might even feel speechless at the moments that the giant beauty of Nature is present before the eyes. You would admire it. Sightseeing at the height of 150m to 3.000m above the sea level, you are just like a free little bird.

What’s more, take your time communicating with the well-trained captain and co-pilot who are there to support you. The spectacular journey goes excitingly when everybody on the seaplane feels happy indeed. The pilots can also fly around some rounds for guests to contemplate the whole view. Furthermore, know that you can upload pictures and videos in real-time, thanks to the complimentary Wi-Fi on the amphibian airplane. Right after you take the amazing artworks, let’s share them with the whole world and see what they tell. They are sure to admire your trip. Anytime when the 2-hour Hanoi – Halong Expressway cannot appeal to you, proceed to experience a seaplane to Halong. The aerial channel enables you to spread your eyes over more than one thousands of limestone islets. Interestingly, the water take-off and landing can urge you to make a lot of wow expressions.

Flight to Halong Bay by Seaplane

Flight to Halong Bay by Seaplane

Charter Seaplanes to your Target Destinations in Vietnam

The seaplane is open for chartering upon customers’ demand. Therefore, if you want to fly from Saigon to other places like Ho Tram, Chau Doc, Rach Gia, Ca Mau, Phu Quoc, Da Lat, Vinpearland Nha Trang, Amanoi, Six Sense Hideaway, etc., take it easy to contact the agent to receive details about the itineraries and chartered prices.

All in all, Tour by Halong Bay Seaplane 2021 not only helps tourists to save transfer time but also introduces them to the spectacular corners of the attractions. Just take a look at the panoramic pictures and videos of Halong Bay from the birds’-eye view, and you will agree with the amazing highlights of this package. Though a so-called seaplane tour is quite popular in the world, this service is still new in Vietnam and sounds attractive yet unfamiliar to domestic travelers. Besides, the service price is not for everybody, which makes it an upscale trend of luxury and privacy. If you are looking for a trendy kind of travel that focuses on these features, save the budget to get onboard a seaplane. From the amphibian airplane, nearly 2.000 islands of various sizes and shapes appear beautiful and mysterious on the emerald seawater. The scenery will be nicely imprinted on your mind. After the aerial round, you can further enjoy a vacation on a night cruise. Oftentimes, people take advantage of the combined packages, including the Halong Bay seaplane flight and overnight cruise. So, get on a seaplane and see for yourself how breathtaking and stunning “the Bay of Descending Dragon” could be!