With the fabulous beauty of Nature and many eco-highlights, Halong Bay is perfect for cruising by the traditional junks and cruises, but the pleasure is much more via the Halong Bay seaplane and yacht tours. This upscale combination opens the awesome opportunities for the one-day Halong Bay package, of which you take a scenic seaplane flight to Halong and then embark a fashionable yacht to begin sailing in the most flexible, private, and exciting way. Want to discover Halong Bay, but not sure which luxurious option is right for you? It should be the trendy seaplane and yacht.

Halong Bay Seaplane Tours to save travel time and get the captivatingly bird-eye view

If the Hanoi – Halong Expressway, which cuts the travel time to 2 hours, does not meet your demand on the faster, more private, and more scenic transfer, then the seaplanes can do it. With the cost-effective and most spectacular Halong Bay Seaplane Tours, the Hanoi – Halong Bay travel time is only 45 minutes, plus the scenic flight over numerous stunning sights. Heading to the UNESCO Bay, the seaplane enables you to soar to the blue sky over the emerald water, the towering limestone islets, and the verdant rainforest. The thrill of flying on a seaplane leaves you with the memorable joy and lots of admirable photos.

The scenic and comfortable ride on a seaplane delivers the boundless bird-eye view of the fantastic islands of Dau Be, Cong Do, Bo Hon, etc. This option is ideal for all thrill-seekers who want a journey of distinction to the “Bay of the Descending Dragon” plus the incredible panorama. At the moment when you’re flying above the majestic seawater, imagine that you’re a free bird who has an excitingly aerial adventure. This hassle-free transfer is what the moneyed guests need to save time, enjoy optimum comfort, and cherish the bird-eye panorama of the magnificent Bay.

Ha Long Bay Luxury Tor combines seaplane transportation and yacht trip!

Ha Long Bay Luxury Tor combines seaplane transportation and yacht trip!

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Halong Yacht Tours to get matchless sailing experience on the stylish and luxurious yacht

One-day Halong Yacht Tours are ideal for couples, families, and groups of friends who want an overjoyed sailing escape, especially at weekend. Combined with the quick seaplane transfer, the yacht tours deliver the fascinating one-day packages in the Bay that even the busiest travelers can enjoy. The bustle-free voyage guarantees the private time to unwind and rest, as you’re the yacht owners who decide the itinerary to best suit your preference. If you have any ideas for the luxury sailing holiday in Halong Bay, then get to know top four yachts in service: Cap Camarat 6.5 WA, Cap Camarat 7.5 DC, Jeanneau Leader 36, and Jeanneau NC 14. The yachts appear to be so fashionable, luxurious, and convenient that ensure the upscale, cost-effective, and rewarding sailing.

While the spacious sundeck is perfect for sunbathing, the comfortable cabin ensures the sound rest, the kitchenette aids you in partying and feasting, etc. This is the large and splendid boat you need to savor the pleasure trips, to reward yourself after the hard working days and nights, to beautify your life phases with the exhilarated second-to-none sailing trips.

New trend to travel to discover Ha Long Bay by luxury yacht

New trend to travel to discover Ha Long Bay by luxury yacht

Luxury Halong Travel by Seaplane and Yacht

Soon, the luxury Halong travel by seaplane and yacht will convince the wealthy travelers of its value-for-money and supreme experiences. After the spectacular bird-eye seaplane flights, you start sailing on a ritzy yacht. It’s obvious that this package reaches the higher degree of luxury that as long as the budget can afford, the wealthy guests will be glad to pay for it.

Just relax, feast, laugh, discover, play, sail, and mingle, during your stay on the yacht, which will result in numerous photographs, stories, and memories for the later joyful reviews. The voyage of fantasy awaits you in Halong Bay with Luxury Yacht.

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