Halong Bay is one of the best destinations for cruising that people have ever found in the world. It’s no doubt that the “Bay of the Descending Dragon” is competent enough to please almost every passenger as it is gifted with amazingly emerald sea, mysterious caves and grottoes, thousands of picturesque far-off islands, poetic fishing villages, etc. With the launch of Halong Emperor Cruises, the Halong Cruises Tours become even more exciting. It is the totally luxurious, 5-star Cruises for the high-class voyage, indeed. Plus, the combined panoramic Seaplane flight enhances the charm of Halong Bay.

Emperor Cruises Halong Bay

Emperor Cruises with Incomparable Highlights

For you to experience and cherish every moment onboard Emperor Cruises amidst legendary Halong Bay, this “5-star floating hotel” owns the top facilities to ensure your comfort and happiness. On the exclusively designed boat, you find the all-inclusive basis, ultra-personalized service, the all-suite cabins, private balconies overlooking the emerald sea from almost every angle, and the butler service. This is the sanctuary for travelers in Halong Bay to be treated as the prestigious guests or kinglike individuals. You can gather joy and delight when each moment passes.  The other highlight of Emperor Cruises refers to impressive paintings which are displayed to make the boat “an artwork” and also reflect the lavish lifestyle of Emperor Bao Dai, the last emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty (the 1930s). Some passengers appreciate the artworks onboard very much.

Emperor Cruises Halong - State Suite

Emperor Cruises provides Vietnam’s first all-inclusive Cruises in Halong Bay so that the passengers enjoy every service included in the price. The unique all-inclusive packages on this boat bring the delightful cruising experiences that you find the world where everything is paid in advance and ready for your comfort. For anybody that ever wishes to indulge into luxury and top-notch “floating hotel,” then they can find it exactly on the Cruises named Emperor in Halong Bay. If you’re in need of any customized service, take it easy to ask!

This is also the Vietnam’s first all-suite Cruises in which the cabins are all suites and well-equipped with almost every amenity necessary for your comfort and luxury. The 5-star cruising experiences in Halong Bay with Emperor Cruises become highly memorable especially when you enjoy the sunset cocktails or sunrise sightseeing via the private balconies and more. The imperial-style Cruises also has a lovely restaurant, two bars, a little library, and a massage room. With the slogan “Experience Every Moment,” this Cruises guarantees every single moment onboard so that you stay happy from start to end. Besides the Halong Cruises Tour Packages, the Cruises are available for chartering upon your request.

Emperor Cruising Experiences – Excellent Programs for Two Days and for Three Days

Emperor Cruises Halong - Breakfast

The Emperor Cruises Halong Bay tour program is ideal for every seasoned traveler, high-class adventurer, honeymooner, family, nature lover, photographer, celebrity, group of friends, etc., who share the passion for the “Bay of the Descending Dragon” via cruising.

With the two-day Emperor Cruises Halong tour program, you have the kinglike experience for a night and discover the marvelous Bai Tu Long Bay which turns to be the once-in-a-lifetime memory. It brings you to the beautifully sleepy destinations which should be Hon Gai Dock, Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Vieng Fishing Village, Cong Do (Sleeping Area) for Day 1. Then, Day 2 is the opportunity for you to discover Hon Co Island and Thien Canh Son Cave (Co Cave). The inclusive activities are likely to cover Tai Chi practice, cooking session, kayaking, swimming, cave discovering, local food tasting, and more… See 2-day Emperor Cruises Halong and seaplane tour here !

With the three-day Emperor Cruises Halong tour program, the special thing lies on the Day 2 when you start a private adventure! The Day 1 also involves in the tourist sites of Hon Gai Dock, Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Vieng Fishing Village, and Cong Do (Sleeping Area) for Day 1. Then, the Day 2 is your leisure time for a very own journey to see Thay Cave, Cong Dam Area- Hon Xep Nature Park, etc. And the Day 3 is likely to bring you to the beautiful Hon Co Island and Thien Canh Son Cave… See 3-day Emperor Cruises Halong and seaplane tour here !

The experienced travelers tend to pay more attention to the off-the-beaten-track sites. You will have some free time visiting the local floating villages and interacting with the friendly residents who warmly welcome you. The private sailing also lets you feast eyes with the secluded and stunning highlights around the Bay. There stand out dozens of chances for exciting water activities, BBQ on the pristine beach, or relax in the starry night sky. Again, Emperor Cruises deliver the ultra-personalized services that mean the cruise innovators can tailor to suit your wishes regarding speedboat and butler, and so forth. You choose the things for your voyage.

Halong Emperor Cruises with Seaplane Flight for a Truly High-class Experience

Seaplane Halong BayTravel to Halong Bay with Emperor Cruises empowers you to create the very own and memorable adventure in both Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. The Halong Seaplane services provide the interestingly panoramic flight over the emerald seascape. Only the bird-eye views can make you truly understand the incomparable charm of this UNESCO Bay. So if budget allows, don’t miss your chance to become the little birds flying around the majestic Bay in minutes and let the soul be free.

After embarking Emperor Cruises, it’s time to enjoy the senses of luxury, comfort, and romance. You can enjoy the program of one day, two days, three days, or more, and step into the authentic hideaway paradise. The combined services of seaplane and cruise promote the Halong Bay Tourism to the worldwide contexts and make this Bay the leading world-famous destination for both cruising and seaplane experiences.

Seeking for a magical shelter where you can be a part of nature? Just embark on Emperor Cruises to discover the legendary Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay, cherish their charming nature, local lifestyle, and friendly welcome. It is also the paradise for entertainment with activities of discovering caves, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, having a BBQ party on the secluded beaches, etc. Now, listen to your soul to escape in Halong Bay – an existing retreat for you to return totally refreshed and rejuvenated!

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