The convenient combination of seaplane and cruise Halong Bay tour has become the new premium package for all tourists that desire to fly from Hanoi and enjoy the majestic Bay from the view of birds. When arriving at Halong Bay, which Cruise should you choose? Let us draw your mind and heart to the Paradise Luxury Cruise – the top featured candidate for the seamless package with the Premium Seaplane of Hai Au Aviation!

Highlights of Paradise Luxury Cruise for Halong Seaplane Tour

After booking for new transport to travel to Halong by seaplane, the tourists will can set foot on the Bay within 30 minutes and view its majestic beauty from the eyes of birds. The view from the top enables all kinds of travelers to get immersed into the great charm of the World Natural Heritage Site. Its natural colors and arrangements create the ideal background for the countless number of photographs during the 2 or 3-day tours.

After landing, the Paradise Luxury Cruise welcomes the passengers to enjoy the perfect stay on it and cruise around the Bay’s hot attractions with no sign of redundancy. The series of Paradise Luxury I, II, III & IV are in the traditional designs of Vietnamese junk associated with the lavish outfit embracing the great harmony with nature. From luxurious cabins and suites to the array of interesting activities to enjoy during the Halong Scenic tour by seaplane, the Paradise Luxury Cruise win credits for its exclusive features and plans.

The Bay of descending Dragons welcomes all tourists to cruise around its attractions right on the luxurious Cruise. Meanwhile, enjoy the pleasurable stay on the Cruises with lots of caring services evolved in stylish restaurant, bar, spa, panoramic balcony, and so forth. When being combined with the premium seaplane, the Paradise Luxury Cruise stands out as the preeminent companion that together make up the seamless Tour around the imposing bays.

While the seaplane offers the panoramic views from the top angles, the luxurious Cruise grants you chances to view the picturesque landscapes in the cozy atmosphere and stylish windows. It is concurred that your stay on this Cruise is served well with the heavenly windows leading to the nice cloud. The beauty of Halong is only discovered and contemplated in the wholesome way when staying on Paradise Luxury Cruise, arguably.

Quick Quotation For Price Ideas (Valid till 31 Dec 2014)
No Service details Package 2 days Package 3 days
1 Shuttle bus Hanoi-Noi Bai Airport with check in assistance $30 $30
2 45-minute flight Hanoi – Halong $390 $390
3 Paradise Luxury Cruise (1/2 Deluxe Room) $220 $420
4 30-minute flight Halong – Hanoi $280 $280
5 Taxi from Noi Bai Airport back to Hanoi Your own account Your own account
Price in USD per person, subject to change in specific dates $920 $1120

PROMOTION: Discount 20% on Paradise Luxury Package if you book and pay within 24 hours. Condition: Non Amendable, Non Refundable !

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Why Do We Choose Paradise Luxury Cruise?

After being informed about the 2-way seaplane from Hanoi to Halong, the passengers are likely to come across the names of many outstanding Cruises available in Halong. So, why to choose Paradise Luxury Cruise? From the fully furnished accommodation to the caring services and elegant atmosphere, the Cruise also wins scores via the highlights of each deck. As its name has indicated, this Cruise redefines the luxury services in Halong with the well-trained staffs who guarantee your trips with the complete comfort and satisfaction.

All the rooms onboard have been aesthetically designed and adorned with the shiny wooden floor and ornament. It feels like you are staying in paradise for the priceless memories. Let’s combine Paradise Luxury Cruise and seaplane transport and enjoy the unforgettable holiday in Halong Bay now!