Halong Scenic Tour By Seaplane And Paradise Privilege Cruise
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In terms of Halong Paradise Cruises, there exist 3 top choices for the passengers to choose from such as Paradise Luxury, Paradise Peak, and Paradise Privilege. Not to mention the two previous candidates, it is preferred to vote for the Paradise Privilege in this article. Being generally regarded as the smallest and friendliest vessel in Halong Bay, this Paradise Cruise invites all passengers to get immersed into the cozy atmosphere and together share the restless passion for the natural beauty of Halong essentials.

Paradise Privilege In Respect To Halong Seaplane Tour

Featuring the inspirational invitation to explore the World Natural Heritage Site, the Paradise Privilege offers the utmost comfortable zones for all to get the essentials of the luxury vacations. Being categorized in the collections of Halong Paradise Cruises, the Privilege guarantees to offer the lavish services and accommodation for the passengers though its size is modest. With the convenient size and stylish design, the Cruise brings you to nearly all the essential sights of Halong Bay such as Surprise Cave, Soi Sim Island, and many other limestone caverns.

Right on this Paradise Cruise, the adults are granted chances to swim and kayak in the crystal clear water. In case of culinary interest, enjoy various kinds of delicious dishes that tend to suit all tastes. To make things unique, the Privilege Cruise also offers some extra options in respects to cuisine as well as entertaining activities due to the passengers’ demand. Especially, it is welcomed to charter the Privilege for the supreme comfortable stay and exploration after experiencing the services of seaplane from Hanoi to Halong. How about chartering? Give it a thought!

Thoughtfully constructed to accommodate 8 people per boat in one Deluxe Double, one Superior Double and one Superior Twin, the Cruise provides you with the cozy and splendid ambiance where it is feasible to enjoy many personalized services. As already noted, the Paradise Privilege is available for chartering. In that sense, its itineraries of activities and excursions are variable due to the tourists’ requirements. How great it is with such the superior comfort!

In Halong Seaplane Tour with this Cruise, you are encouraged to explore the great fun from the Surprise Cave first. Then, a short visit to SoiSim Island evolves lots of chances for swimming and kayaking as well. Along with that, the list of secluded lagoons, primitive islands, and limestone caves will be arranged to fulfill the trips of days and nights. Of course, your nighttime is served well right on the Paradise Privilege associated with the possibilities of night fishing. That depends on the condition of weather!

The combination of seaplane and Paradise Privilege Halong Bay Cruise of 3 cabins is the first choice for small groups:

Quick Quotation For Price Ideas (Valid till 31 Dec 2014)
No Service details Package 2 days Package 3 days
1 Shuttle bus Hanoi-Noi Bai Airport with check in assistance $30 $30
2 45-minute flight Hanoi – Halong $390 $390
3 Paradise Privilege Cruise Halong (1/2 Superior Room) $185 $380
4 30-minute flight Halong – Hanoi $280 $280
5 Taxi from Noi Bai Airport back to Hanoi Your own account Your own account
Price in USD per person, subject to change in specific dates $885 $1080

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Book Seaplane Ticket to Halong and Charter Paradise Privilege

The package of seaplane and Paradise Privilege Halong tour evolves the perfect opportunities to absorb the beauty of Halong via the five ordinary senses including sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. You find no sign of redundancy or fault during the Private Halong tour in 3 days or more. Whether you travel in small groups of friends or with family members, it is the cool ideas to charter this luxury yet small-sized Cruise to have the unique and exclusive memory. Personalize your trip by deciding where to visit and what to eat right on Paradise Privilege!