Aiming to extend the stunning aerial transfer, Hue Seaplane Tour is opened with the daily seaplane scenic flight between Hue and Da Nang Vietnam which will be in service on April 25th, 2019. This new transfer is definitely spectacular and comfortable that promises the happy 40-minute inter-city flight to replace the 2-hour drive. It will also cover a bonus of aerial sightseeing tour that you fly over various impressive attractions. Following the astonishing bird’s-eye view, you will arrive at Noi Bai Airport or Da Nang Airport.

There stands out another single option to fly over Hue in 30 minutes. Surely, the flight is full of the beautiful sightseeing opportunities that keep your eyes open, your smiles frequent, and your hands busy with the camera. The seaplane tour over Hue will turn to be the pleasant experience that you’re granted with the “imaginary wings” to become the free birds that travel above the fantastic Hue city.

Hue scenic tour by seaplane

Hue scenic tour by seaplane

Hue Seaplane Tour: View how wonderful Hue City is from the seaplane!

As long as the budget says YES, it’s always stimulated to give yourself a distinctive journey by the 30-minute scenic Hue seaplane tour only. It is Cessna Grand Caravan 208B-EX that will carry 12 passengers on this route in an exciting way. This model is among the quickest and most powerful single-engine airplanes in the market. Therefore, all to think about is to enjoy the flight to the fullest and experience the super-duper services that you have paid.

The trendy Hue sightseeing flight meets a need of the wealthy passengers whose time and health are valued and who want a journey of distinction for long-lasting memory. Without a doubt, your comfort and safety onboard are taken care very well while the extraordinary aerial view of Hue City makes the experience unique and fantastic.

Please be seated and expect to contemplate the essentials of the peaceful, historical,  and charming Hue. Every single attraction looks awesome from the top dimensions. The scheduled flight route will feast your eyes on the coastal beauty, the UNESCO heritage of Hue Imperial City, the Citadel, the bamboo mazes of the fabulous Tam Giang Lagoon, the scenery how to the Perfume, Bo and O Lau Rivers flow into the sea, and more.

View from above in Hue seaplane tour

View from above in Hue seaplane tour

For the daily scenic flight by Seaplane to Hue and Da Nang schedule and fare, see the following (Price Per Person):

Flight Route Departure Arrival Flight







(Valid from 1 Oct 2019 – 1 May 2020)

DAD-DAD Danang airport Danang airport HAI811 30 mins 08.00-08.30 VND 3.444.000 (~US$148)
HAI812 30 mins 14.10-14.40
HAI815 30 mins 15.10-15.40
DAD-HUI Danang airport Phu Bai airport HAI801 40 mins 09.00-09.40 VND 6.466.000 (~US$278)
HUI-HUI Phu Bai airport Phu Bai airport HAI821 30 mins 10.20-10.50 VND 3.444.000 (~US$148)
HAI822 30 mins 12.00-12.30
HUI-DAD Phu Bai airport Danang airport HAI802 40 mins 13.00-13.40 VND 6.466.000 (~US$278)
DAD-HUI-DAD Danang airport Danang airport HAI801


80 mins 09.00-09.40


VND 11.100.000 (~US$476)

Note: The seaplane serves maximum 12 passengers for sightseeing flight without luggage, and 8 passengers for taxi flight with hand luggage.

April 25, 2019, will be a milestone that marks the opening of the excellent Hue seaplane scenic tours. To book a seat, contact us Vietnam Seaplane at or use the bellow booking form.