Vietnam Seaplane Services have long been in favor of high-budget passengers who only want to invest time and budget in the worthwhile experience. And, in fact, Seaplane Tours to the hottest vacation spot Halong Bay never cease to enchant the domestic and foreign tourists. To help you stay up-to-date to the current news of this luxurious service, we point out the most significant updates for Vietnam Seaplane in October 2015. Get notified of these points so that you’ll experience the most pleasant stay and cheerful sightseeing on the Seaplane ever.   

Status of Vietnam Seaplane Services

The luxurious service is run with the two modern Seaplanes whose quality and luxury can satisfy even the most prestigious passengers. They are Cessna Grand Caravan 280B-E and Cessna Grand Caravan 208B EX Seaplane; each has the easy seats for 10 passengers. They can flexibly take off and land on both water and land; so, expect to have the fully exciting experience. The Seaplane takes about 30 minutes flying from Hanoi to Halong Bay, which allows the busy guests to stay away from the bustle and hustle of life quickly and comfortably. Instead of enduring the long-hour train, your vacation today is easier and more amazing than ever.

The Seaplane flights now (Oct 2015) only focus on the two major routes including Hanoi – Halong – Hanoi and Hanoi – Halong – Ninh Binh – Hanoi. Each of these two routes ensures you all with the scenic flying enjoyment and the comfortable stay on the leather seats as well as the full amenities of life.

Seaplane Promotion 2015 & 2016, What Is New?

Please note that the Summer Promotion 2015 for Seaplane will end on September 30, 2015! Therefore, be nimble-footed to get the discount or any other free service attached to the promotion; it’s going to end.

But if you cannot use the Summer Promotion, do not feel sorry yet! We do offer the Promotion for 2016. Vietnam Seaplane Tours have been planning to offer the valuable clients with the GREAT Discount: 20-30% OFF for Seaplane Ticket Booking and the WONDERFUL Tour combined Halong Cruises and Seaplane, from June 1st, 2016 to September 30th, 2016. Just note down the milestones for the later order; you will benefit much from this awesome offer!

Good Pieces of Advice on Seaplane Tour and Charter to Digest

The BEST Seaplane Tours are still the two-day or three-day Tours to Halong Bay, in which you can rest in “bed of roses” on the luxurious Cruises and sightsee the panoramic views of the majestic Bay from the Seaplane’s open windows. Everything of the tour goes perfectly.

As an illustration, Three Days to Halong Bay is the great combination of the 10-seat Cessna Grand Caravan 280B-E and Paradise Peak Cruise. This luxurious option gives you the bird-eye views of the mystical UNESCO Bay and the superior cruise services for the “kinglike” passengers. The valuable journey to Halong is what everybody needs to have the thorough sweep of their inner melancholy.

Besides Halong Bay, there stand several scenic routes like Hanoi – Mai Chau, Hanoi – Sapa, Hanoi – Quang Binh, Da Nang – Hue, Da Nang – Hoi An, etc… NOT for seaplane but helicopter.  Just call Vietnam Helicopter Tours ( and they will organize everything at best for you! Another fantastic and convenient option is using Helicopter services that feature the very good prices for both small and big groups. Directly contact for more!