What kind of proposal you like most: On a beach, your guy knees and say : “Marry Me?” or in a luxury restaurant when you and your beloved are dinning by shimmering candlelight , he suddenly proposes to you, or super cute and romantic proposal with 999 roses. For me, those things are too simple and old, in order to volunteer to come to your team by herself, you must have more and more romantic moves. Because woman like romantic very much, she always dreams a sweet love as in the fairy stories. If you can not think of anything, please let me arrange plan for you. We guarantee that we will organize you an unforgettable proposal that not everyone can do it. Certainly that the heart of your girlfriend will be melt and she can not say : “NO”.

Wedding proposal idea – In the sky on Halong Bay, why not?

Admiring one of seven natural wonders of the world is a dream of everyone. And have you ever thought that you will propose your girl in a seaplane and fly in the sky of one of seven natural wonders of the world ? From 150 meters high, with an area of 2,000 square kilometers, scattered all around with more than 1,900 magnificent islands and limestone pillars, Halong Bay is known for its splendid beauty and one of the world’s best natural marvel of all time as well as a long-standing spot in the “bucket” travel list of many travelers. With only 25 minute scenic flight over the legendry Halong Bay, you will have truly unique seaplane experiences as well as an impressive proposal.

The seaplane charter flight for wedding proposal in Halong Bay is USD 1,199 (valid till 30 December 2017) includes 25-minute Halong Bay tour by seaplane, 1 nice flower bouquet, 1 declaration banner, 1 bottle of champagne.

If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime for further information you might need !

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Full package includes 25 minutes scenic flight, 1 nice flower bouquet, 1 declaration banner, 1 bottle of champagne.

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