Valentine Cruise For Impeccable Halong Seaplane Tour
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Featuring the emerald water, mist-covered bay, and scenic limestone caves, Halong Bay’s legendary beauty is eternal and undying. Such the charm will never fail to spark ones’ interest. In that sense, Halong Bay stands out as the must-see site for every tourist when touring Vietnam. Regardless of how many days you spend to cruise Halong, there exist many rich options of Halong Tour Packages operated by the seamless combination of Seaplane and Valentine Cruise. Spend days and nights among the Bay’s essentials so that your eyes will be fulfilled with the picturesque seascape and air of nature. Crave for a lifetime experience of cruising and sightseeing over Halong? Halong Scenic Seaplane Tour and Valentine Cruise is what you need to boost the vacation to the notch of pleasure.

Valentine Cruise – A Small Luxury Junk for Romantic Seaplane Tour

In the late of 2007, Valentine Cruise has launched as the small luxury junk that is worth well an experience. Offering the 5 splendid and fully-equipped cabins with many quality amenities, the Cruise outperforms many other competitors in the race for being combined with Seaplane. Since all the cabins are designed with the big windows, they offer the utmost panoramic view over the Bay and its essentials. Experience Halong Valentine so that you’ll fall in love with its outstanding features! During a 30-minute flight from Hanoi to Halong via the modern seaplane, the vacationers are granted great opportunities to view the Halong’s charm from the top dimension.

While flying, you perfectly observe the beauty of Halong through the view of birds. How about landing? You’ll be taken to the modest-sized luxury Valentine Cruise for the perfect stay and complete discovery over the hidden fascination of Halong Bay and the surrounding key attractions. The exclusive experience derived from both Seaplane of Hai Au Aviation and Halong Valentine is ideal and impeccable for all tourists. Please note that Valentine is a fully-equipped vessel featuring the ritzy facilities and amenities throughout the 5 cabins: 4 Valentine Rooms and 1 Valentine Suite.

Quick Quotation For Price Ideas
No Service details Package 2 days Package 3 days
1 Shuttle bus Hanoi-Noi Bai Airport with check in assistance $30 $30
2 45-minute flight Hanoi – Halong $390 $390
3 Valentine Cruise Halong (1/2 Valentine Room) $238 $406
4 30-minute flight Halong – Hanoi $280 $280
5 Taxi from Noi Bai Airport back to Hanoi Your own account Your own account
Price in USD per person, subject to change in specific dates $938 $1106

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Remarkably, all bathrooms on Valentine are designed with Jacuzzis and showers. The wooden-built junk is best known as the brainchild of many skillful shipbuilders, artists, and craftsmen. It promises to bring you closer to the actual charm of Halong Bay in the friendly demeanor. Though the Cruise’s size is small, it offers the convenient space for the vacationers to get indulged into the fresh ambiance in the Halong existing heaven. Being onboard of the highly sturdy and aesthetically grained-wood Cruise, ones find it uncontrollable to say “wow” during their Halong Seaplane Tours.

In addition to the convenient and well-appointed cabins, enjoy the perfect ingredients incorporated into Halong Valentine including marble bathrooms, spacious sundeck, comfortable lounging furniture, beautiful dining room, and exciting bar! In the international standard, the small sumptuous Cruise evolves the ideal balance of the neoteric comfort and nostalgic atmosphere. While the dining rooms provide the romantic setting for dinner with flowers and candles, the panoramic windows allow your eyes to swim into the emerald water. Meanwhile, exclusive Vietnam Culinary art is offered at its best onboard! That helps to revive the big hopes for Halong Seaplane Tour and Valentine Cruise in the welcoming demeanor.