Getting to Halong Bay has been a point in the bucket list of many travelers who find it exciting to either get a bus ride through the 180km Hanoi to Halong Bay distance by land or take a bird’s-eye seaplane flight. While it takes 2-hour drive on the new Hanoi – Halong Expressway, the travel time is cut to 45 minutes by the scenic amphibian airplane served by Hai Au Aviation. With the Hanoi to Halong Bay flight, the 180km distance by land between the two cities is no longer a problem. Besides, the air transfer delivers convenience, stunning close-up and panoramic sightseeing, the thrill of water take-off and landing.

About Hanoi to Halong Bay Distance by Seaplane Flight

In Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi), guests can find a separate Hai Au Aviation’s seaplane check-in counter, just similar to other commercial flights. For the most benefits, it’s smart to book the scheduled seaplane flights in advance by calling the agent or visiting their website and booking it online. Since 2014, Hai Au Aviation has been offering the Halong Bay seaplane from Hanoi with Cessna Grand Caravan 208b – EX amphibian airplanes. Due to the budget and preference, you can opt for the scheduled flight, the sightseeing flight, or the charter flight.

In regards to the scheduled seaplane flight to Halong, it’s up to guests to buy either the one-way ticket or the round-trip ticket, but of course, the round-trip one saves your dollars and guarantees the awesome return flight. On the 12-seat Cessna Grand Caravan, each passenger is allowed to bring 7kg luggage.

Another expensive option is to charter the seaplane to Halong. The premium services including dedicated crew “just for you,” complete privacy and luxury, tailor-made itineraries, etc., might worth thousands of US dollars. The wealthy passengers decide who to fly with, when to fly, and what destination to be included in the program. It is ideal for those that don’t care about the money matter.

After checking in, there is the VIP room for you to wait till the departure time. The seaplane departs from Noi Bai Airport and arrives at Tuan Chau Marina, within 45 minutes. Included in the seaplane flight are the bird’s-eye view, the close-up sightseeing, the complete comfort, and the thrilling water take-off and landing. Upon your arrival at the Marina, board the designated cruises, junks, or Viet yacht.

The Rewarding Halong Bay Seaplane You Should Always Get in Vietnam

Hoping on a seaplane from Hanoi to Halong Bay, you spend only 45 minutes instead of the 2-hour drive on the Expressway. This opens opportunities for the perfect one-day tour in the marvelous Bay in which there are dozens of islets and grottoes to see. The amphibian airplane is the wonderful solution to travel in a quick, excitement-filed, and luxurious way. Together with the time-saving air transfer, it is the panoramic sightseeing from the top and the live English commentary that win the tourists’ compliments. From the Red River Delta to the Bay scenes, the airplanes let you know how stunning Vietnam is from the aerial view.

Furthermore, the thrill of water take-off and landing excites the travelers. Sometimes, the captain will take you close to the limestone karst for the amazingly close-up view. It’s feasible to see thousands of the towering islets, luxurious cruises, and charming fishing villages scattered on the emerald seascape. And when the seaplane slides on the water for the fun-filled moments, it’s sure that you will never forget this fantastic air transfer.

So now Hanoi to Halong Bay Distance becomes shorter. While you’re on the top floating planes, remember to raise the camera to capture the exhilarating moments of the flight adventure. From some first seconds that the mesmerizing scenes are in front of your bird’s-eye views, you know that taking a seaplane to Halong is one of your best choices ever.